Where it comes to the war on drugs — especially marijuana — it seems that Republicans just don’t understand. (Read it and, if you’re a Republican, weep.)

For the mega-umpteenth time, I think the R’s need to back off from issues involving Americans’ personal freedoms

Laura Ingraham (carrying on at Fox as I write this) is a perfect example. She absolutely infuriates me the way she regularly raves against marijuana and wants people imprisoned for drugs. Even though I would have to hold my nose and vote for her if I had to choose between her and Don Lemon, I still hate her politically. The problem is I hate Don Lemon more. (Which makes me a “hater,” if you do the political math. If I hated Ingraham more, I’d innocent!)

Michigan’s governorship went to a liberal Democrat at the same time marijuana legalization was on the ballot. I’ve met Bill Schuette and while I like him personally, he has long been a serious anti-marijuana fanatic. He lost big time, and took the other Republicans down with him.

I don’t get it. You’d almost think that either:

a) Republicans want to lose; or

b) They truly and honestly believe that drugs are so bad that people should go to prison (in theory because they are “harming” themselves, which is ironic if true); or

c) They personally hate people who take drugs.

It seems hopeless to me, and while I know I have written about this issue countless times and hate to be a bore, I fail to understand why a party that claims to champion individual freedom does not.

(In fairness, I think it’s fair to point out that I personally hate marijuana, and have not used it since the early 1990s.)