The Mexican Supreme Court has struck down cannabis prohibition.

The move comes as the nation’s incoming presidential administration has been considering legalization.

Earlier this month, designated members of President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s future cabinet discussed legalizing cannabis with Canadian government officials on a trip to that county, which ended prohibition of the drug this month.


“In these matters, the First Chamber held that the fundamental right to the free development of the personality allows the persons of legal age to decide – without any interference – what kind of recreational activities they wish to carry out and protect all the actions necessary to materialize that choice,” the court said in a press release, as translated by Google. “Now, it was also clarified that this right is not absolute and that the consumption of certain substances could be regulated, but the effects caused by marijuana do not justify an absolute prohibition on its consumption.”

So it is legal North of the border and legal South of the border. Recreational use in the United States is legal in 9 States. Medical use is legal in 31 States. When is our Federal Government going to get in gear?