Seven years ago I wrote an article for American Thinker about how the Democrats could use cannabis prohibition and their opposition to it to win the election. I was seven years too early. Better than being late.

Marijuana Legalization Debated By Ohio And New Mexico Gubernatorial Candidates

In Ohio, Democrat Richard Cordray said for the first time that he would support an initiative to legalize cannabis if it were put before the state’s voters.

Distancing himself from a “deeply flawed” and “monopolistic” cannabis legalization proposal that Ohioans resoundingly defeated in 2015, he said he would support placing the issue back on the ballot, would vote yes and would implement it if passed.

“When it goes to the ballot I will cast my vote yes to legalize it.”

Republican Mike DeWine, currently the state’s attorney general, took a different stance on ending prohibition, which he claimed has been an “absolute disaster” in Colorado.

“I’m against it,” he said. “I will veto it.”

I don’t know the percentages in Ohio but nationally an end to cannabis prohibition is favored by 60% to 70% of the voters. And for those we are directly making war on, when their issue comes up they come out to vote. In large numbers.

I’m voting for the crooked Democrat Pritzger over the somewhat more honest Republican Rauner for Governor of Illinois, because Pritzger wants legalization (Illinois needs the tax money and with a new program he can “help” his friends) and Rauner doesn’t.

As my grandpappy always used to say, (in a thick Eastern European accent) “They are all crooks.”

Ain’t America grand? We get our choice of crooks. It is some better than having them foisted on us.