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That was Mitt Romney in 2007. I now wish to introduce you to the new and slightly improved Mitt Romney.

Mitt Now favors moving cannabis off schedule one so more research can be done.

Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Jenny Wilson told The Salt Lake Tribune that reclassification of marijuana is needed to facilitate research and use of cannabis products as a medical treatment.

“Let’s take this off the category one designation and let it be evaluated through a normal FDA-type process,” Romney said, referring to the Food and Drug Administration.

You will note that what he proposes amounts to delaying the inevitable advent of Federal Medical Cannabis. (More research.)

And then putting it in the hands of big pharma. (FDA approval).

Right now there is a big fight going on over Medical Cannabis in Utah. It is on the ballot and the odds of it passing (even in Mormon Utah) look good. Here is a poll that claims support is slipping. To 64%. More than enough to pass. (I usually look for above 60% – which amounts to 10% above the minimum requirement). Another poll has support at 66%. With a little over a month to go until the election, unless some group does a big push with no pushback I’d say the measure will pass.

Evidently Mitt Romney thinks so too.