Are we no longer allowed to freely say what we think?

Not, apparently, if we know people who might be appointed to the Supreme Court.

I feel sorry for Mark Judge. He spoke his mind in a variety of contexts, and it’s looking as if he’s the real reason that the Kavanaugh nomination is in trouble.

And while I disagree in general with Mark Judge has to say, I don’t see why his friendship with Kavanaugh should be fatal to the nomination. Nor would it have been in normal times. But these are not normal times.

Interestingly, I defended Roy Moore, whom I absolutely cannot stand, over the sexual freedom issue. Yet here, I see no reason even to defend Brett Kavanaugh, whose accuser offers no evidence that anything whatsoever happened in whatever year or place she can’t remember.

OK, people used to be lynched on such “evidence,” but so what? Unless we are to be ruled by Jim Crow style “To Kill a Mockingbird” standards of justice, I’m not getting it.

What gives here?

Might someone have read through Mark Judge’s stuff and decided (on the basis of his friendship with Kavanaugh — aka “opposition research”) to concoct a fantasy and run with it?

I’ve written a lot of stuff here over the years, and I’m glad none of my friends are being nominated for high office, or my writings might doom them.