( About 31 minutes )

The punch line comes at about 10 minutes in. It helps to watch the run up to get the full flavor.

The short version if you don’t care to watch? Identity politics is a dead end because it requires human enemies. And ultimately the various identities have competing ideas. You can’t keep the identities together. And by making white people and especially white men, enemies of the State, you limit the size of your coalition. Significantly.

The Republicans in contrast promote a shared identity. American. The Democrats have a very clever counter to that. Convince citizens that they are not Americans. Given Mr. Cuomo’s recent statement and walk back – I don’t think that attitude is working too well for them.

Update: 19 August 2018 0147z

It looks like there has been a little racist dust up between two Democrats. One a Chinese woman and the other a Black woman.

Democrats In Disarray: Black Dem Apologizes For Racial Slurs Against Asian Dem.

Wait. I thought Democrats were against racism.

Racism is bad and so are white people – The New Democrats.

No racism there. None at all. Vote accordingly.