Solidarity is not near what it used to be. Case in point? The LGBs are not getting along with the Ts. Part of it is their theories of how sex works. The LGBs are mostly in the “we were born this way” camp. There is some biological evidence for that. The Ts are in the “we can be whatever sex we choose to be” camp. The “L” ladies especially are not so sure.

Unisex bathrooms with multiple stalls, and gym use are also issues.

Anyway, there is friction. Like bomb threats, murder threats, and intimidation. There is also something called TERFs ( trans-exclusionary radical feminists ). Which I’m told is quite a vile insult.

Despite all that, this set of polling questions shows something surprising given the good position Democrats ought to be in given the news stories and polling. Republicans Are Feeling Pretty Good About The Mid-Terms. Democrats? Not So Much. Why would that be? Part of it is, no one believes the polls.

These criminal referrals may also have something to do with it. Suppose cases are being made and indictments are being planned for delivery about 30 October. Nothing but the timing would be a surprise.

But like the good lady said, ‘If that f-ing bastard Trump wins, we all hang from nooses’