Kanye West (formerly a famous Black rap artist) has made a lot of still Black people (most of whom are formerly white) angry that he no longer supports the Democrats.

One article on the subject, Kanye West Doesn’t Care About Cuck People, got me thinking about the Democrats attacking him.

Democrats don’t get rap culture. Current Black culture favors strong men. Not soy boys. By attacking him they have made him the baddest boy in the hood. Only the baddest SOBs can be Republicans.

Thank you soy boy Democrats.

I’d like to see the culture go like this, “Republican men are thugs, but if you leave them alone they will leave you alone.” And don’t forget. The thugs get the good looking girls. Which means only pretty girls can be Republicans (and what girl isn’t pretty?).

At this point I’m predicting a Red wave come November.