From Reason:

I might find this funny if I didn’t think the man will be elected on Tuesday.

UPDATE: While few people know it, there is a libertarian alternative to Moore and Jones:

Republicans are frantically looking for a write-in candidate. They don’t need to bother. Libertarian Ron Bishop is already a write-in candidate, excluded from appearing by name on the ballot because of Alabama’s draconian ballot access laws. To retain ballot status, a party in Alabama must receive 20 percent of the vote in a statewide race. That results in an effective Republican/Democratic party duopoly. As a result, voters in Alabama are faced with two unpalatable choices and denied the alternative of a reasonable, sane, common-sense third choice unless they go to the trouble of writing it in themselves.

Writing Ron Bishop’s name on the ballot in Alabama is easy, but in order to do that people first need to know that he’s a Senate candidate who will represent them with fiscal sanity, social harmony, and peace.

On the issues, Bishop holds common-sense positions that are agreeable to Alabamians from across the political spectrum.

If I lived in Alabama, I would write in Ron Bishop.