Roy Moore is going to win the election, not in spite of alleged sex scandals, but because of them.

…the Democrats’ own sexual scandals have helped Moore. It’s not obvious they would. If the Democrats had condemned their own members promptly and forthrightly, when the evidence against them was compelling, then the party could stand on solid ground condemning Republicans. The cascade of scandals would highlight the seriousness of the problem and give Alabama voters a clear-cut opportunity to rebuke Moore’s alleged predatory behavior and, with it, the atrocious conduct of many others.

That’s not what Democratic congressional leaders did. Instead of standing on moral ground and condemning sexual misconduct, regardless of party, they dug a bunker to protect their own.

Color me unsurprised. Allegations of the man’s sexual misbehavior (which I consider largely irrelevant) have become the central, and only, only election issue — ensuring that there will be no serious discussion of the man’s atrociously bigoted views.

It’s such a blessing for the campaign that you’d almost think his campaign staffers dreamed it up themselves.

Moore, for his part, is blaming the accusations of sexual misconduct on the homos. Alabama voters will of course fall for the deception.

Hoping that he might rot in the hell he claims to believe in would be wishful thinking, just as it would be wishful thinking to see him having to actually debate and defend his position on the issues. Far from being an ordinary anti-gay bigot, the man actually believes “sodomy” is prohibited by the Declaration of Independence.

Too bad the people of Alabama will not understand that they’re electing an absolute loon.