juggernaut x2 said:

Let’s see if Jimmy Kimmel cries like a bitch over Weinstein like he does over everything else.

Trump was attacked relentlessly for imagining using his power to go after women. Weinstein did it. Many, many times. If the reports are true.

So where is the vitriol? Or was it all just a partisan act?

It is not ordinary malfeasance that kills organized religion. Hypocrisy is the real death.

This is not the first time nor even at the highest levels. For that we have Bill Clinton to thank. And on the down low JFK. Power corrupts. Both those who wield it and those who come asking power for favors. And none of this is secret. The individual perps may not be well known but the lay of the land is obvious.

So where is the SJW outrage over “male privilege” ? Silence when it is one of their own.

I probably should note that all this is human nature. We have reports going back many thousands of years. Humans are not a blank slate. They have proclivities. And if we pretend the proclivities don’t exist we suffer the consequences. Conventional wisdom used to be “don’t let your daughter become an actress”. It is still good advice. Because the casting couch is not going away. No matter how many SJWs wish it.

Carrie Fisher discussed the casting couch in the last few seconds of this video.

( About 4 minutes – and worth every second )