The video is an acoustic analysis of the shooting.

The person giving this talk mentions that multiple shooters were reported by the police early on in the incident. There were shots fired at several hotels reported before the main event. All that is gone from the police after action reports you see on the “news”. The discussion of multiple shooters starts about 21:40 into the video.

( About 30 minutes)

This video gives a sense of the scene in Las Vegas. He discusses helicopter noises and the possibility of shooting from the helicopter. Take the numerology at the end of the video with a grain of salt.

(About 7 minutes if you count the ads)

This feller discusses YouTube censorship of videos relating to the events. He also notes the “13” on Paddock’s neck. He also looks at the possibility of the picture being photo shopped. He is an experienced photo shop guy. The rant at the end is a little left for my taste, but it is a nice touch.

( About 11 1/2 minutes )

The bump-stock is explained by a very experienced combat shooter. They are not well suited for consistent rates of fire or aim. Plus. Your shoulder is going to hurt after a thousand or two rounds. Maybe that is why Paddock was a suicide. His shoulder really hurt.

The gun guy thinks that the only thing that makes sense is for Paddock to have been a gun runner. There are lots of interesting side topics in the video. Like what a shot out door would look like. (nothing like what was shown in the pictures)

( About 14 minutes )

Another audio analysis.

( About 20 minutes )

Some things don’t add up.

The arsenal: Paddock put a substantial amount of thought and planning into the position of his perch as well as a potential escape. He had the knowledge and experience to calculate accurate shots from an elevated position at distance. But, for some reason the 64-year-old-man decided it was warranted to drag at least 23 guns and hundreds of pounds of ammunition in ten separate suitcases to his room at the Mandalay Bay. A person with the intelligence displayed in the planning of this event would know that most of these rifles were not needed in the slightest to achieve the effect desired. They are dead weight, and moving them into the Mandalay only presented unnecessary risk of discovery. Unless, of course, the original plan involved multiple shooters.

If he was a gun runner, shooting up Las Vegas, would not have been a part of his original plan. The point about his lugging up way more “tools” than he needed is valid in any case. Odd for some one supposedly so adept in planning the massacre.

We will need a Warren Commission to sort all this out.

And just to make things more interesting, Jesus Campos who was shot before (after, during) the massacre has disappeared. He was going to talk to at least 5 news organizations.