The odds of the Democrats gaining ground in the mid terms ( a normal political occurrence) are looking up.

Today is shaping up to be a fairly bad day for Hillary Clinton. Just moments after the House Judiciary and Oversight committees announced an investigation into Comey’s handling of the Hillary email investigation, the House Intelligence and Oversight committees have also announced an investigation in the Uranium One deal which handed Russia 20% of America’s uranium reserves and landed the Clinton Foundation some $145 million in donations and a $500,000 speaking gig for former President Bill Clinton.

As we’ve pointed out over the past couple of days, the Uranium One deal has recently resurfaced in public discussion after a former FBI informant came forward suggesting that he personally witnessed Russian operatives in a massive bribery, extortion and money laundering scheme discussing efforts to curry favor with the Clintons. The informant has requested an audience with certain Congressional committees but has so far been silenced by an NDA he signed with the FBI.

Fortunately the Democrats are friends of the little people.

And just a day ago Democrats were looking so good for the midterms with respect to the number of challengers and the amount of money they had raised. The headline to that article reads Democrats’ early money haul stuns GOP.

Democratic candidates are reporting historic early fundraising totals, alarming GOP strategists and raising the prospect that 2018 could feature the most expansive House battlefield in years.

Animated by opposition to President Donald Trump and the Republican congressional majorities, at least 162 Democratic candidates in 82 GOP-held districts have raised over $100,000 so far this year, according to a POLITICO analysis of the latest FEC data. That’s about four times as many candidates as House Democrats had at this point before the 2016 or 2014 elections, and it’s more than twice as many as Republicans had running at this point eight years ago, on the eve of capturing the House in the 2010 wave election.

I estimate all that money and effort will be wasted. And that doesn’t even count the Weinsten sex scandals. Trump hatred will not trump Democrat corruption. Not that the Republicans are corruption free. It is just that their corruption has not recently hit the national news. Yet.

The place to look for Republican scandals is their unwavering support for Big Pharma. Especially in the fight against Medical Cannabis.

I’m reminded of what my grandpappy always used to say, (in a thick Eastern European accent) “They are all crooks.”