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The idea of collective guilt is the most bigoted attitude possible. My ancestors, having arrived in America in the 1900s had nothing to do with slavery. They fought on neither side of the American Civil War.

I’m going to now bring up a most sensitive topic. IQ. It is known to be a fair predictor of success in life (it accounts for about 30% of success). White Americans average an IQ of 100. Jewish Americans have an average IQ of about 115. And American Blacks average about 85. (African Blacks average about 70). And there is a significant part of your white privilege. IQ. And it comes with birth.

A discussion of what IQ means for job performance:

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What to do? So far no one has a solution that is widely accepted. And as AI and robots take over a lot of jobs formerly suited to lower IQ people the situation will only get worse. In the video it is mentioned in passing that the current minimum IQ needed for good general job performance is about 106. The average IQ of the Chinese is about 105.

There was a short story written about this some time back (1951). “The Marching Morons” – free text.

More on the issue.

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Is IQ real? A look at the scientific method. In this case it pertains to statistics.

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