The Republican Party is fragmented. You have the Freedom Caucus (about 20% – libertarians). Then there are main stream (squish Republicans – about 60%) And there are the old time “fire and brimstone” conservatives – (about 20%). About all they kinda agree on is “mildly limited government for now, more later”.

By not allowing amendments to the debt deal – “a clean bill” they called it – the leadership couldn’t get enough votes for passage. One of the sticking points was the Rohrabacher Amendment. It would have gotten the Freedom Caucus and all the Democrats together to vote for the amendment. Just like the first time it passed (49 Republicans – 179 Democrats). And that would be dividing the Republican coalition. I’ll say. Trump did it for them. The debt ceiling with the Democrats is a continuing resolution. The Rohrabacher Amendment is included.

My first thoughts on the debt deal