There is a concerted move on the part of the Democrat Party to construe white people as the cause of our nations problems. This can only lead to mass murder if allowed to go on long enough.

( About 7 minutes )

R. L. Miller noted the steps required to carry out mass murder with popular approval.

1. Identification – who are the evil ones
2. Ostracism – they should be shunned
3. Confiscation – their property should be taken
4. Concentration – they should be rounded up
5. Annihilation – they should be destroyed

I don’t think this can work politically because whites (at least the Republican faction) are armed.

The Democrats have settled on an ugly type of politics that divides people into collective groups based on ethnicity. This is a really bad move if we are to remain a civilized nation.

We are about to undergo (when the next recession hits) unbelievable economic stress. We will only survive it if we all come together to work our way out. E Pluribus Unum.