Western Women Are Ungrateful

I think he is directing his tirade mainly to the SJWs (more prevalent at university), but still. He points out (indirectly) that patriarchy is a benefit to women. ( About 13 minutes )

Big Scale Fail

( About 12 minutes ) Why central planning fails – one size does not fit all. There is also the information problem. One person at the top has a hard time listening to millions on the bottom. Hayek explained it in his Nobel Prize lecture “The Pretence of Knowledge”.

Making Victims

There is a concerted move on the part of the Democrat Party to construe white people as the cause of our nations problems. This can only lead to mass murder if allowed to go on long enough. ( About 7 minutes ) R. L. Miller noted the steps required to carry out mass murder with […]

Infectious Diseases And Totalitarianism And Hitler

( About 6 minutes ) Mentioned in the video: Pathogens and Politics: Further Evidence That Parasite Prevalence Predicts Authoritarianism == Trump is afraid of germs. Shaking hands is ‘barbaric’: Donald Trump, the germaphobe in chief. Richard Nixon was afraid of hospitals. He was afraid he would die if he went to a hospital. Funny enough […]

Psychedelics – Life and Death

( About 14 minutes ) Discussed in the video: The God helmet. Our Federal Government in its “infinite wisdom” (no medical use) has delayed this work for 50 years. Well “God in a pill” is a threat to a lot of interests. Churches for one. Leary’s original work was on alcoholics. Today we would say […]

Dominance Hierarchies

( About 14 minutes ) Who should be king?

White Privilege

(About 2 minutes) The idea of collective guilt is the most bigoted attitude possible. My ancestors, having arrived in America in the 1900s had nothing to do with slavery. They fought on neither side of the American Civil War. I’m going to now bring up a most sensitive topic. IQ. It is known to be […]

Bigotry is alive and well

Back in 2002, I started this libertarian-oriented blog in what I naively thought might be a way to counter bigotry, especially anti-gay religious bigotry emanating from  social conservatives on the right. I’ve gotten tired of blogging, but the election of religious bigot extraordinaire Roy Moore is enough to awaken me from the grave — at least to […]

Who Is Doing The Work?

Discussed in the video: Price’s Law. Price’s square root law or Price’s law pertains to the relationship between the literature on a subject and the number of authors in the subject area stating that half of the publications come from the square root of all contributors. [4] Thus, if 100 papers are written by 25 […]


( About 20 minutes ) He discusses how the Democrats are setting themselves up for more losses in 2018. He also mentions in passing how Trump is a master troll, forcing the Democrats into losing positions so they can be in total opposition to Trump on everything. If Trump came out in favor of water, […]

Raphael Mechoulam

The Scientist – The story of Raphael Mechoulam and the Endocannabinoid System ( About an hour and two minutes )

Making It Political

Some rich Black men protest American racism during the National Anthem at NFL football games. Making football political. The politician in chief gets involved. Hilarity ensues. Update: 25 September 2017 1047z The early returns are in. The fans don’t like it. Fans boo Steelers.

Don’t Call Us

I’m going back to the fast pitch competition I entered last year. This time as an observer. Maybe I can interest an investor. Or sell some electronic design services. In any case the food was very good. And I get to hang out with designers and engineers for a few hours.

Seen On The Net

Seen on the Net. And marginally improved. Conspiracy Theory is a biased term for the Truth you do not want to believe in. === So many are just non-sense on stilts. Too many are something different.

16 years


More Thoughts On The Debt Deal

The Republican Party is fragmented. You have the Freedom Caucus (about 20% – libertarians). Then there are main stream (squish Republicans – about 60%) And there are the old time “fire and brimstone” conservatives – (about 20%). About all they kinda agree on is “mildly limited government for now, more later”. By not allowing amendments […]

Is This Why Republicans Can’t Make A Debt Deal?

Republican leaders are calling for a “clean” debt increase bill. “While some have advocated for a ‘clean’ debt limit increase, this would simply increase the borrowing authority of the government while irresponsibly ignoring the urgency of reforms,” Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.), the chairman of the Republican Study Group, wrote in a letter to Ryan. Something […]

Mob Connected Casino Guy For Drug Czar

It looks like Trump has renominated mob connected lawyer Tom Marino for Drug Czar. That is pretty blatant. Even for Trump. I wrote about that back in April when it first came up. I noted this from International Business Times: In 2007, Marino resigned from his position as a federal prosecutor after it was revealed […]

How It Is Done In Banana Republics

Hank Phillips 9.1.17 @ 10:24PM In the Banana Republics we call the cop shops corporations. Joining one is being “incorporado,” and the practice of framing up phony evidence so the boys can murder with impunity is an exercise in “corporativismo.” == Which kind of fits in with my post earlier today about Trump’s Praetorian Guard.

This Bothers Me

From: So Deep, It’s Sunk? Trump has allied with another power center: state and local police departments. He has given them fulsome, vocal support, encouragement to be more brutal, rescission of President Obama’s civil asset forfeiture rollback, and promises of more military gear. This is what one would expect of a ruler bent on consolidating […]