Evidently our Islamic friends have finally gotten around to reading The Seven Pillars Of Wisdom by T.E. Lawrence. It is an account of how Lawrence raised an army of Arabs to attack Turkish communications. “Communications” being Turkish railways.

And the reason for my “optimism” ?

“Inspire,” the Al Qaeda propaganda magazine, will dedicate its next issue to America’s passenger and commuter trains. The focus on rail transportation comes at a time of great anxiety over the scarcity of resources devoted to repairing America’s vulnerable trains, which is advantageous to a group aiming to reestablish maximum relevance.

Lawrence was helped considerably by the stupidity of the Turkish Officers. I wonder if Americans will prove as easy a target?

Here is a short video biography of Lawrence. I wonder if our new Islamic “friends” will learn to fit into the culture as he did.

( About 2 and 1/2 minutes)