Even though I might have just “thought” it, a basic Google search reveals that there is nothing original about that sentiment.

In fact, it’s all over the Internet.

Still, it saddens me to see people die, even when they are people I don’t especially like. Familiarity breeds contempt, and I am so familiar with death that in many ways I hate it. Not only because of what it does to the people left behind, but because I have seen it too damned often.

I often think it’d be nice to have a break from death, but you know when that will come….

(A final irony, I’m sure.)

Can’t say I wasn’t warned. My grandfather used to say that there are only two certainties about life. We’re all born and we’re all gonna die.

The trick is to do something interesting on your way out.

UPDATE: I know, I know. Conception is a death sentence too.

Why must everything be about politics?