A Broken Clock….

A broken clock is right twice a day. Except if it is a 24 hour clock. Or worse a digital clock. Depending on how the digital clock breaks – it is never right. New batteries not included.

The Moral Reality Of The War On Drugs

( About 38 Minutes ) What Stefan says in the video I have been saying for over 12 years. People in chronic pain chronically take pain relievers. Or as Stefan says, “You cannot solve the results of trauma with more trauma.” Some other (text) resources: The Federalist – The Surprising Link Between Broken Families And […]

This Is Going To Be Very Big

The Truth About The Awan Family Democrat IT Scandal Debbie Wasserman Schultz Exposed     (About one hour and 10 minutes) The TL;DR version begins at 59 minutes in. For an even shorter version try 1 hour and 7 minutes in. And just in case you were wondering. The fix is in. Steve Wasserman, Debbie’s […]

Is Jeff Sessions A Russian Agent?

Some very interesting speculation. I’m going with the first idea in the video which I came up with myself earlier today. Trump doesn’t like Sessions ramping up the Drug War and Civil Asset Forfeiture.     (About 12 1/2 minutes)

The Hilarity Never Ceases

From Policing for profit. According to USA Today, “Anecdotal evidence suggests that allowing departments to keep forfeiture proceeds may tempt them to use the funds unwisely. For example, consider a 2015 scandal in Romulus, Michigan, where police officers used funds forfeited from illicit drug and prostitution stings to pay for … illicit drugs and prostitutes.” […]

I’m Floored

Inspired by this political announcement.       Update: 25 July 2017 1416z Looking around the ‘net this caught my eye since the US Military is a drug free work place. The show was at Kandahar, Afghanistan – 2008  

For The Entertainment Value

Something Else To Look At

Jim Stone covers a lot of different topics. I found his site interesting.

McCain Has Brain Cancer

John McCain has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Just days after John McCain had a blood clot removed above his left eye, late on Wednesday his office announced that McCain has a brain tumor associated with the removed blood clot. In a statement doctors revealed that McCain has been diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive […]

Politics Is Nuts

Politics is no longer (if it ever was) rational. My dinner partner on Saturday said she had never heard that Comey admitted the NY Times had gotten a series of stories wrong. She thought I had made that up. The bubbles we are facing are not only economic.

Woman Calls 911 For Help – Police Kill Her

The sordid details (as many as the police will release) can be found here. Below is just a bit to get your blood boiling. A Minneapolis police officer reportedly shot Ruszczyk, who was dressed in pajamas, while she was talking to his partner. The officer shot the woman through the driver’s side window of the […]

Organized Religion

I was reading Caesar’s Messiah and it got me to thinking. Christianity (the original Roman version) was a church organized like an army. Islam came along and did them one better. The church is an army.

No Prayers Before Government Meetings

Starting a government meeting with a prayer has been declared illegal. If they opened with prayers to Satan it wouldn’t be an issue. It would just be a repetition of their mission statement. The connected will be protected.

Big Brother Is Watching Some More

My wife was having some WiFi problems today so I was checking the Networks currently available and came across a very curious one. FBI Surveillance Van 62 When I first looked it was at 5 bars (very strong) and later it went down to two bars (weak). So it likely was a moving vehicle. Was […]

Seen In Passing – Bastille Day 2017

TheDude1224 Jul 14, 2017 3:41 PM With terms like “Islamophobia” and “Hate Speech” being thrown in your face constantly, and being forced to choose between being a democrat or a Hitler loving, racist, mysoginistic, radical, warmongering, bigot…the choice becomes pretty clear. Fuck the democrats!

Sharia Police Come To Germany

Sharia Police come to Germany. “They have come to Germany because they wanted to live in Germany, but they keep trying to turn it into Chechnya with its medieval ways. This inability and reluctance to integrate is extremely frustrating and typical of all migrants, not just Chechens. The only difference is that most other migrants […]

Fascism In Germany – It’s Back

( About 30 minutes ) Why do I call them fascists? Because they use fascist tactics. Like this: ( About 1 minute ) Update: 10 July 2017 0448z The top video for me was eyeopening. It gave me a much different view of Europe than I had a day ago. Very much worth a look. […]

The Death of Chicago

About 37 minutes This is from 2015. It has only gotten worse.

The History Of Islam

Islam killed the Roman Empire. (About 45 minutes – and worth every minute) I found the video at this link. There is another there you might find of interest. I’ll have more to say on this subject from my reading of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence – pdf. PoliticalIslam.com

CNN Has A Bit Of A Problem

For a bit of the backstory: CNN Blackmails Source of Donald Trump Wrestling Video. And for your further amusement: JULIAN ASSANGE: CNN Committed Crime – Violated § 135.60 on “Coercion” #CNNBlackmail And this: Donald's happy day #CNNBlackMailKeep the tweets coming ???????????? pic.twitter.com/CJmkEFQsHO — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) July 5, 2017 We have more: CNN also appears […]