From Steve Bannon’s Twitter feed I got this link: Steve Bannon ‘under criminal investigation’ for voter registration fraud.

What do they expect the outcome to be?

Submitting false information on a voter registration form is a third-degree felony in Florida, punishable by up to five years in prison.

However, Mr Bannon did not vote in Florida which is likely to lower the odds of the investigation against him coming to prosecution.

He was later removed from Florida’s voter rolls because he was registered in two places.

So. A big nothing right? Maybe not.

I first saw the story at MadCow Productions. It has a publication date of 28 September 2017. Here is how that article started out:

When Donald Trump’s campaign manager Steve Bannon was recently exposed for using a vacant house in Miami as his legal residence, he hastily changed his legal address to a beach house in Sarasota, Florida owned by a writer at his website.

So that is corroboration of the first bit in that article. What else have they got?

Bannon, who Bloomberg recently called The Most Dangerous Political Operative in America, had repaired to a beach house owned by Andy Badolato, who claims on his website to be an “entrepreneur, senior level executive, venture capitalist and seed stage investor” who has founded companies with a market cap of $26 billion dollars.”

However an investigation reveals that Bannon’s buddy and roommate Badolato has long-time links to a nest of financial fraudsters that raise questions of whether money taken from investors through Badolato’s series of stock scams — which operated on an almost industrial scale—had been pocketed by financiers of the “alt-right.”

Well that is going to be embarrassing. And there is lots more at MadCow.

Will some one be saying soon, “I am not a crook” ?

OTOH this could all be Black Ops like the Deep State used against Nixon.