Yesterday¬†morning I ate at a local Berkeley breakfast diner. The table tops are covered with copper, and someone went to a lot of trouble using a chemical (probably some sort of mild copper solvent, maybe even lemon juice) to put graffiti on a number of them which would be very difficult to remove, as you’d have to etch through the whole surface. So, the graffiti doesn’t go away. I guess you could say it’s part of the local charm.

I found this one amusing.


It occurred to me that if you’re going to advocate putting to death¬†the entire American middle class, you ought to be able to spell your slogan properly — especially if you are etching your slogan onto copper!

This reminded me that after eating breakfast, many a member of the frivolous bourgeoisie might consider it a good idea (before they are killed by illiterate communists) to pay attention to dental hygiene, and the other day I found just the product — which is for sale cheap in the local dollar store.


If you read that label carefully, you will see that it is an incredibly versatile product, as not only does it remove food and fight decay, but it also removes plague!

Amazing what you can buy for less than a dollar. While I’m surprised Big Pharma and the FDA would allow such an amazing product to be sold so cheaply and without prescription, I’m glad that at least one plague can be removed from society.