Addiction Is A Symptom Of PTSD

We know a lot more about PTSD than we used to. I want to focus on one of the symptoms. Addiction. Dual Diagnosis: Many individuals with PTSD will turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to numb their pain or to gain some measure of control in their lives. National Center for PTSD: Some […]

An Old Fashioned Space Launch

The good stuff starts at about 29 minutes into the video. Loved the cheering at MECO (Main Engine Cut Off).

There Are A Few Problems

From: The Overlapping Crises Are Coming, Regardless Of Who’s In Power

The Constitution – If You Can Keep It

June 11th, 2013

(About 2 minutes) H/T jim2

The Smaller Government Branch Of The Republicans Won Big

          Discussion About GOP Replacement to Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House Intensifies in White House, Congress

If You Can Keep It

If Exec branch tells Legislative branch "when 2 vote" "how 2 vote" & "what it will b allowed 2 work on if vote fails," is that a republic? — Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) March 24, 2017

No Quarter Blog And Twitter Feed Deleted

I looks like the No Quarter blog and its Twitter feed have been deleted from the ‘net. Free Republic has some ideas about why it may have happened. insanitybytes has some thoughts. In my opinion it came after he stated that British GCHQ spies on American citizens. Politico has more on that story. So if […]

Chuck Berry Is No Longer With Us

                        He will always be with us.

I Had A Happy St. Pats Day


Spieder. Kind of a funny word. But in the vein of how we make up words these days. Spied. Spied upon. By a giant electronic spider. Spieder. That is what the NSA has going on in Utah. “I started to realize that it is just a data collection point. That they are collecting and storing […]

I Can See For Miles

The Fourmyle Circus


What Else Do They Have?

From Steve Bannon’s Twitter feed I got this link: Steve Bannon ‘under criminal investigation’ for voter registration fraud. What do they expect the outcome to be? Submitting false information on a voter registration form is a third-degree felony in Florida, punishable by up to five years in prison. However, Mr Bannon did not vote in […]

Dennis Kucinich (D) Wiretapped In 2011

(About 2 1/2 minutes) There is more on this story at Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich Warns Congress that CIA Wiretaps Are Real and It Happened to Him. Enter former liberal Congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich (D) — disclosing the fact that he was wiretapped in 2011 and only learned about it after the Washington Times […]

Government By The People? – Not A Chance

(About 11 minutes)

Well, Isn’t That Interesting

(About 21 1/2 minutes) Former CIA officer Robert David Steele explains how Flynn was really fired because he was in possession of a high-level Washington DC pedophile list with many names. One of those names was Vice President Mike Pence’s “best friend”. So Dennis Hastert was not just an isolated case. Mentioned in the video: […]

Reagan Did It

It turns out that it was Ronald Reagan who originally compromised American’s privacy. Executive Order 12333. On December 4, 1981, U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed Executive Order 12333, an Executive Order intended to extend powers and responsibilities of U.S. intelligence agencies and direct the leaders of U.S. federal agencies to co-operate fully with CIA requests […]

Who Are You Going To Believe?

The Rule Is —> NONE

(About 8 minutes) The question was (about 1:30 into the video) how much information can the government get from a US Citizen (communications) without a warrant? The answer is: NONE. Eric goes much deeper into the Constitutional implications at Massive surveillance by nameless apparatchiks, and the buck stops nowhere! Update: 9 March 2017 06:50z The […]