In A Thermodynamic Explanation Of Politics and Two Ecologies I made the point that there are two main human cultures – City and Country. Politics is a reflection of these cultures. Left/Right is a misnomer. It is really City/Country.

I now have a little bit of confirmation of that. Those thoughts are seeping into popular culture. And not in a good way currently.

“If cities are to defeat populism, they need to know what it is,” Muggah and Glenny write. “According to Princeton’s Jan-Werner Muller, at the core of populism is a profound rejection of pluralism. It is animated by two basic ideas – an opposition to diversity and a rejection of the so-called establishment.

Cities enrich the Country because they are trade and manufacturing centers. Places where goods are bought and sold. And developed. But cities do not stand on their own. They do not feed themselves. They have to import food and other materials from the country for their sustenance.

The talk of defeating an ecology is pure non-sense. Counter productive. The two ecologies depend on each other. Neither City culture nor Rural culture should look to dominate. It is self defeating. The obvious thing is that the two cultures should respect each other for the betterment of each other. For that to happen politics is going to need some tweaking. Maybe City States are in order to recognize the difference in ecologies. Or perhaps something else.

What is not going to help is one side making war on the other. Should a side succeed in winning that war it will be worse off than before the war started. And it will remain so. Hands at war with feet is hardly ever helpful. Hands and feet do best when they work together. Humans actually celebrate that in something called sports.

My ideal is that the two cultures come to respect each others ecologies and the adaptations required by those ecologies. There is a ways to go before that happens.