Forgive me for not having much reaction to the inauguration of Donald Trump. When I watched the election returns back in November, it actually did occur to me that the man would be inaugurated, which he was yesterday.


Anyway, I’m not jumping up and down with glee. Nor am I reveling in the idea that America has been “saved.” The only nice thing I can say is that at least it wasn’t Bill and Hillary’s party.

So I’m not shocked, nor am I gnashing my teeth. I don’t anticipate being sent to a concentration camp. Nor do I share the view — held by so many people here in the Bay Area == that this is “the most terrifying thing to happen to the world in the history of modern world.

I wish all these people would just shut the fuck up. I don’t hassle people over their politics, and I wish they would do the same.

I guess I ought to keep my political opinions to myself, even when it seems no one else is.

Being a libertarian sucks, as always.

Blogging strikes me as more pointless and annoying than ever. Hell, even Facebook has become a war zone. So many of my friends rant and carry on for or against Trump as if this was the most important event since Y2K that I’m avoiding the, um, place.

OTOH, I’ve spent more than half of my life being “a clown in the burying ground,” so I’m obviously lacking in whatever is supposed to be the correct perspective.