Hanukkah IDF Soldiers 24Dec2016

UN Ambassador from Israel, Danny Danon had a few words for this Chanukah and the UN. (Chanukah 2016 started the evening of Saturday, December 24th, and ends on the evening of Sunday, January 1st, 2017)

Tomorrow night, Israel and the entire Jewish community around the world will celebrate the holiday of Chanukah. Over 2000 years ago, King Antiochus banished the Jewish people from our Temple in Jerusalem, and issued decrees trying to sever us from [our] religion and our heritage. But we prevailed. The Jewish people fought back, regained our independence, and relit the Menorah candles in the Temple.

I ask each and every member of this Council who voted for this resolution: Who gave you the right to issue such a decree, denying our eternal rights in Jerusalem? … We overcame those decrees during the time of the Maccabees, and we will overcome this evil decree today.

I can easily see the UN ending from this. As usual the globalists have struck too soon without measuring their opposition.

I probably should add that the story of the Chanukah “eight day oil” miracle is thought currently to be a myth. That hardly lessens its power.

In any case the results of the ’67 war is not a myth.