Eric linked to an article that I just read. But the best part for me is not the article it is this comment.

Animal 11.20.16 @ 9:43AM

No mention of the joys of bathing in the sweet, sweet tears of bawling proggies.

My former business partner and still one of my best friends is an old-line, blue-collar Truman Democrat in the Appalachian foothills of southeast Ohio – exactly one of the guys Trump had been aiming to turn. He didn’t manage to turn Jerry, but he came close; Jerry cast his vote for Her Imperial Majesty, but did so in the near-certainty that she’d fuck things up. He just reckoned Trump would fuck things up more.

I’m pretty much the same way on the other side.

That is now a “what if” that can not be proved. Except in some alternate universe. Of which there may be many.