The below video is from the era when the Soviets were the enemy. But it is a very old story. Sun Tzu said that least effective method of warfare is armies and fighting. The best is to get the willing cooperation of your target.

This page is about a conference given by the author of the below video. Here is an excerpt from the page.

1-Demoralization, during which the different components of a society are infiltrated and then hijacked to take them away from their initial mission. Artificial bodies of bureaucrats come to replace the citizens;

2-Destabilization, during which the process of subversion began in step 1 increases in intensity and means;

3- Crisis, during which a society inevitably faces either civil war or invasion by foreign forces;

4- Normalisation finally, during which all activists and « revolutionaries » who got involved in social change and uprisings are eliminated by the new power elite. Bezmenov gives several examples of communist revolutions where early backers and actors of the revolution have been killed once the situation has settled.

So what are we doing in furtherance of the subversion of our society? Giving government power. It doesn’t matter if the power is big or small. Any power once it is accepted is a tool for subversion. Laws. Regulations. Enforcers.

Even “Social Justice” is not the enemy per se. What is the enemy is enacting the ideas of “social justice” into law. We used to understand this at our core.

Live free or die. What we have today is far too many who want a law. And those laws give legitimacy to unrestrained power. Until it doesn’t. The desire for more government is the enemy.

And of course since such a state of control as desired by our masters is more or less unnatural it requires enforcers. It is why I rail so much about enforcers. A long time ago we used to have a system where citizens would complain of a crime (violence, theft, fraud) and a government agent would investigate. The laws were enforced at the behest of the people. We have transformed that into a situation where laws are ENFORCED at the behest of government. That is the recipe for the tyranny we have today.

As I say often these days, “If the question is “what to do about xxx social problem” and the answer is “we need a law” you are talking to a socialist.” It doesn’t matter if they consider themselves left, right, or independent. The desire for more enforcers is in itself subversive to our way of life. Because unlike natural law you can’t have man made law without enforcers. Natural law in conjunction with very limited government is in fact mostly self enforcing. The people complain. The government looks into it. Otherwise the government is inert. That is of course an ideal. And we will fall short. But these days we do not even strive for the ideal. We have been subverted.

The very idea of policing used to be considered subversive of American ideals. Not police mind you. But policing. The government deciding who needs to be policed.

Anyway – the video: