Just in case you were wondering – I’m not so much for Trump as against Hillary. Yeah. Trump is a crook. He would have to be to do well in NY real estate. But Clinton has sold out the country. And Maybe Trump will too if given the chance. But Hillary is a sure thing.

Now we know that Hillary has a Russian connection what with the Uranium deal and all. But Trump seems to have Russian connections as well.

Can we buy Peace with Russia? Maybe. But that sort of thing didn’t work out well in 1938. And we are in a similar period due to being at a Kondratieff Bottom. We can only hope that the idiots in power don’t start a war abroad to cover up financial problems at home. Although that seems to already be happening in the Middle East. Will that get tamped down or amped up? Only time will tell.

I should add that the FBI is reopening the investigation into Hillary’s e-mails. Fortunately not in a timely enough fashion to have much more of an effect on the election.