It Is ALL Medical Use

ALL use is medical use says Dennis Peron of Prop 215 (CA) fame.

The Big Money Libertarians Backing Trump

Robert Mercer, who once backed Ted Cruz, is now backing Donald Trump. Since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling in 2010, the Mercers have put millions of dollars behind Republican and Libertarian candidates and causes. Their contributions show dissatisfaction with incumbents and an aim to disrupt or check those in power. “She is feared by […]

Only In Degree

Seen in passing. The FBI is only different from the Gestapo in degree, not in principle. The secret police are the same everywhere. Their job is State Protection. All other jobs are secondary.

Strong Evidence Of Criminality

Well you already knew that. But without video it lacks punch. Now there is video. The violence at Trump rallies was staged by Democrats.

Whatever happened to sexual freedom?

When was the last time you heard of a man complaining about being touched, kissed, groped, or fondled by a woman? What is today called “sexual assault” has happened to me a few times, and (whether I was interested in reciprocating or not) I always thought it was both flattering and amusing. According to today’s […]

It’s My Birthday And Bob Dylan Has Won The Nobel Prize In Literature

Can you believe it? Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature. Obviously I’m going to be adding videos.

The Video YouTube Doesn’t Want You To See – Dangerous

This video put up by Team Trump has bee delisted by YouTube. If you hit the “share button” at the YouTube site this message comes up: This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing. Share it (or a link to here) far and wide. The Deplorable Raven

Beelzebub Acknowledges His Own

Beelzebub. And: A fly landed directly on Hillary Clinton’s face during the second presidential debate.

Debate Results

Update: Update: 10 Oct 2016 1908z Commenter T said: Could not help but be struck by the resemblance of this Bill Clinton photo with the figure of the damned soul in Michelangelo’s Last Judgement. So here it is: Update: 13 Oct 2016 0826z If you look at the top two pictures of Bill Clinton, you […]

War Is

Let us hope the ballot box works this November.

All the way, LBJ!

Distant childhood memories of LBJ have somehow been triggered. One example is what LBJ said to a female staffer when he appeared at the foot of her bed in the middle of the night Move over. This is your president. Or my personal favorite: Ford’s economics are the worst thing that’s happened to this country […]

A new public menace! (As seen in a viral video!)

The unchanging conservative position on the war on drugs was recently restated in a Washington Examiner editorial: A slew of viral videos in recent weeks reveal the devastating effects of America’s drug abuse epidemic. […] Even as polls suggest public attitudes toward drug use is becoming more lax, the recent viral videos remind us of why […]

Janis Joplin Has Grace Slick By The Throat

You can see the image in this video suggested by Kathy Kinsley as a comment on politics/the human condition. Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz

How Many?

Today America united as a nation to decide how many alleged Trump gropes equals one alleged Bill/Hillary Clinton rape. #Trump #Clinton — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) October 8, 2016 Scott has answered that question.

Corporatism In Action

This is a follow up to my previous post Corporatism Is Just Another Name For Fascism. This is about the goings on in New York State with a project called the SolarCity disaster. The article was published on Sept 22, 2016. …rather than symbolizing a shiny high-tech future, the solar-panel factory could become a monument […]

General Warrants

It is illegal for most people to have a gun in New York City. This policy, enforced as Stop and Frisk, has improved police/community relations. According to Breitbart. It should be extended to the rest of the country. /sarc Breitbart is giving ammunition to the enemy by supporting General Warrants. The colonists went to war […]

Rommel’s Book

From a comment at Zero Hedge. Rommel was indeed magnificent. He said there were four different types of people in the world. Lazy and Stupid Energetic and Stupid Lazy and Smart Energetic and Smart       He said to run a military campaign you should: Get rid of the Energetic and Stupid. They are […]

Woman Escapes From Islam – Doesn’t Want Unlimited Islamic Immigration

“Friends” don’t let friends disagree!

I must have a different definition of friendship than most people, because I’m having trouble understanding this: PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A new survey from Monmouth University shows that seven percent of voters have cut ties with a friend over the 2016 Presidential Race. CBS News reports that nine percent of Hillary Clinton supporters said they’ve […]

Fascism Is Not Coming To America

This graphic is an update: (4 Oct 2016 0525z) Fascism is NOT coming to America. It is here already. The American version is also sometimes called Corporatism. Or Crony Capitalism. David Stockman rails against it in this article …since 1987 when Greenspan arrived at the Fed in this era of bubble finances I call it […]