Fast Pitch

I entered the Flash-Light™ in the competition. I didn’t win, place or show. But quite a few people liked the idea. I also met some people who may be interested in my help with electronics design. The light was originally featured here at Classical Values in July of 2012.

You can see videos of the winners doing their 3 minute pitches and get other details at Eigerlab Fast Pitch Competition.

I had originally gone to Eigerlab in 2006 for help in developing the Flash-Light™. Back then the place was run by incompetents. The crew running the place now is much better.

I should add that the free food, coffee, and cake was outstanding. The best part of the night? Everyone was talking business.

Update: 30 Sept 2016 0301z

My esteemed first mate informs me that the Eigerlab page linked above does not list this year’s winners. It lists the winners from 2013 by showing videos of their pitches. The 2015 winners are listed at the bottom of the page.