I needed some cheering up. I have been in the depression phase of my mother’s passing for a week now. My sense of smell is attenuated so food has little taste. Nothing “important” seems important. And all the rest.

Being an old sailor I especially liked the phrase, “The liquor scuppered over Tim.”

Here is an annotated version by the Irish Rovers. They have “scuppered” as “scattered”.

The Dropkick Murphys have a more modern sound. I’m not enamored.

I like the The Dubliners version. But they prefer scattered to scuppered. Funny enough a search of “The liquor scuppered over Tim” turns up nothing. “The liquor scattered over Tim” turns up lots of stuff. Now isn’t that interesting?

As a Midnight Special fan since the fall of 1962 I’m going with the Clancy Brothers.

Of course all this may be a mishearing. I still like it.

Well I’m still trying out different versions. This has more banjo.

A traditional sound.

With folky commentary. Amusing And. Ah. Yes. The brownies.

Well enunciated by Christy Moore.

And how could I leave out Tangerine Dream? All 59 minutes of it.

Schooner Fare. Lots of banjo. And a “son of a bitch”.

The Blarney Lads. A bass voice. Some nice fiddlin’.

Tin Whistlin Finnegan.

Whistlin and fiddlin by a band called Finnegans Wake.

The Highwaymen do Finnegan. With a bit of tin whistle at the end.

Hair of the Dog.

A lady singing acapella.

Update: 15 Sept 2016 0146z

“The liquor scuppered over Tim.” Now turns up on a Google search. Naturally I’m at the top of the list. In fact I’m the only one on the list.