States Rights

From Red Alert Politics. Donald Trump’s trip to Colorado unsurprisingly included some questions about legalizing marijuana. In an interview with NBC affiliate 9NEWS, reporter Brandon Rittiman asked if Trump supported Colorado’s decision to legalize recreational marijuana. “You think Colorado should be allowed to be doing what it is doing?’ Rittiman asked. “I think it’s up […]

There Is No Dispute

Commenter hmi has left a link which disputes a quote I have been using a lot. I started to ask Ehrlichman a series of earnest, wonky questions that he impatiently waved away. “You want to know what this was really all about?” he asked with the bluntness of a man who, after public disgrace and […]

Everybody Must Blog

Written in 1935 by Albert J. Nock The general reason is that when in any department of thought a person has, or thinks he has, a view of the plain intelligible order of things, it is proper that he should record that view publicly, with no thought whatever of the practical consequences, or lack of […]

Lock Her Up

You can get two bumper stickers for a donation of any amount at Grassfire.

Winning The Race War

PC has not killed race relations. The Drug War has. What does the Drug War do? It makes blacks insecure because Prohibition finances Black gangs. It makes every Black a suspect thus eroding respect for police. And all this is the result of how we fought the last insurgency in the Black community. That one […]

Is It Really Leadership?

Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman says Police Shootings, Lawlessness Result of ‘Failed Leadership’. What Manafort fails to ask is why there is a population out there susceptible to anti-police rhetoric. Is there something wrong?

Wandering Hands?

Is Obama holding back Hillary’s wandering hand?

“She’s got this wonderful infectious laugh.”

So said Barack Obama about Hillary Clinton on a special video shown at the DNC tonight. My dog Coco knows all about the infectious laugh. When I posted on the subject eight years ago, I opined that Coco was bored by that laugh. (And horror of horrors, I used the “b” word.) Now that I know […]

Clinton Cash Is Catching On

Breitbart reminds me that I haven’t been getting the links out. A speaker at a massive Black Men for Bernie Sanders rally near the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia told the crowd on Wednesday to “watch the movie Clinton Cash.” “It’s a movie. It’s about Hillary Clinton. And it’s free, they’re not even charging you […]

Knowing vs Knowing The Meaning Of

I was just thinking about something I know and suddenly the meaning of it became clear. I went from knowing to understanding. I think. Humans are political animals. They are designed for small (10 to 150) group interaction. In this later day we have somewhat expanded the idea of “group” to people all over the […]

Clinton Will Get Burned

Massive denial

The Republican Party is so screwed. The Democrats’ Hollywood-scripted convention is nothing more than a Trump bash fest. Little wonder. That is all they need to do. As I’ve said before, I think Trump is working for Hillary. FWIW, I’m glad to be a libertarian.



Conventional Wisdom – Negative Bounce

It looks like Hillary is getting a negative bounce from the DNC (Do Not Care) convention. (The full size interactive image can be found here.) Not even Facebook’s censoring of the DNC e-mail scandal has helped. And in other disaster news: Sanders loyalists bash Clinton nomination, clash with police. I expect to see stories in […]

Take A Load Off – The Weight

I had never heard this one before. And This one never gets old.

Laboratory Equipment News?

I got this white paper solicitation in my e-mail from Laboratory Equipment News. Evaluation of Evaporative Techniques in the Extraction and Preparation of Cannabis Oil The times – they have changed. === For those with an interest: Laboratory Equipment News – main page

Half Empty

About 3 minutes H/T Weasel Zippers I wonder if Trump has a plan for attracting some of those folks?

Seen In Passing

The system isn’t broken. It is FIXED.


Bernie got booed by his own supporters. Bernie got up there today and said that we need to defeat Donald Trump and we need to support Hillary Clinton, and his own delegation booed. It was one of the most insane moments I’ve ever seen. 1,900 people were booing Hillary Clinton and these were all delegates. […]