Earlier I had an interesting discussion of the gun issue with a friend, who asked me point blank (!) — “What do you need a weapon like that for?”

Meaning, in her mind, a “weapon of war.” (She was referring to AR-15 type guns and all other similar “assault” type rifles.) Never mind how many people are actually killed by such weapons, and never mind that the handgun is the criminal’s weapon of choice.

What mattered was need.

I was reminded of my dog, which happens to be a pit bull. The people who want to ban such dogs often ask similar questions: “What do you need a dog like that for?”

Many vegetarians would similarly say, “What do you need meat for”?

Well, other than the necessities of like who needs anything?

Since when is need a rationalization for banning anything?

(Why would anyone need more than, say, $10,000?)