I still like Rand Paul to shore up libertarian/small government votes for the Republicans/Trump. However, U.S. Representative McSally has come to my attention.

U.S. Representative Martha McSally today introduced her first legislation of the 114th Congress, a bill to increase penalties for drug spotters operating along our border. The bill follows Rep. McSally’s continued efforts since taking office three months ago to improve border security, which include co-introducing legislation to improve our border strategy and hosting over 20 Members of Congress along the Southern Arizona border.

“Since taking office, I’ve made it a top priority to improve our border strategy and make our communities safer, and that’s exactly what this legislation will do,” said Rep. McSally (R-AZ). “During multiple trips to the border, I’ve seen where these spotters operate from and heard frustrations from ranchers and Border Patrol about the lack of consequences and penalties spotters face. Stricter penalties will prevent experienced spotters who are caught from quickly returning to action and deter many others from joining a criminal cartel operation, degrading their ability to circumvent our border controls.”

Well that is interesting and fits in with Trump’s plans. But some one ought to inform Rep. McSally that the real way to hurt the cartels is to end Prohibition.

Dean Counts has some further thoughts on McSally.

“persuasion” is not how a VP is picked though, they are picked 90% of the time to shore up a perceived weakness, be it a region/state, experience, gender, youth etc. I believe he will pick Congress women Martha McSally a war hero, first female fighter pilot (Trump loves war hero types), woman who sued Bush administration over service women being forced to wear Hijab in Muslim countries, won in a largely Dem district, retired Colonel (22 years in), acted as military affairs and foreign affairs advisor to a prominent Senator before winning her seat, serves on several prominent committees and chairs one, she is the protege of one of his biggest supporters Jan Brewer, she is young as politicians go, reasonably attractive, she is so squeaky clean as a female war hero criticizing her is even dangerous especially for Clinton, a female Captain America. She checks off every box he could ever need in a VP. She is only occasionally mentioned in publication as a VP candidate but I guarantee his decision makers know about her.

She could help.