If it weren’t for Christians I might be a follower of Jesus.

I’d like to examine some of the points that make Jesus attractive to me. And some of the things Christians do to negate that.

Jesus was no fan of getting moral prescriptions from a bunch of old books. What do Christians actually do? Get their morality from prescriptions written in a bunch of old books. “God” sez is a lot easier than thinking things through. Well at least for now adultery is not a death penalty offense. Although dietary laws are becoming mandatory. Just different ones than those written in the old books.

Jesus was not too fond of government as a means to morality. What have Christians done about it? They have given us The Moral Majority.

U.S. political action group composed of conservative, fundamentalist Christians. Founded (1979) and led (1979–87) by evangelist Rev. Jerry Falwell, the group played a significant role in the 1980 elections through its strong support of conservative candidates. It lobbied for prayer and the teaching of creationism in public schools, while opposing the Equal Rights Amendment (see feminism), homosexual rights, abortion, and the U.S.-Soviet SALT treaties (see disarmament, nuclear). The Moral Majority was dissolved in 1989.

The problem according to some is corrosive modernity.

Dreher asks whether Christians ought to emulate the 5th-century Roman saint, and undertake “communal withdrawal from the mainstream, for the sake of sheltering one’s faith and family from corrosive modernity and cultivating a more traditional way of life?”

How can a nation be moral and not stone to death adulterers? That Jesus fellow was no respecter of the Ten Commandments. What a corrosive influence he was. If only we had stopped with him fixing things the current situation might be at least somewhat tolerable. But no. People who aren’t even God keep suggesting changes.

Where are they getting the authority to deny eternal truths? Everyone knows the beatings should continue until morality improves.