Sen. Tom Cotton (R – Arkansas) has said a few things that are music to the ears of some Republicans.

Sen. Tom Cotton on Thursday slammed his colleagues’ efforts to pass sweeping criminal justice reforms, saying the United States is actually suffering from an “under-incarceration problem.”

There are more details of his talk at The Daily Caller.

“As you probably know, there’s a bill in Congress now that would sharply reduce mandatory minimums for a slew of federal crimes, grant judges wider discretion to depart from these minimums, and apply reductions retroactively so that duly convicted felons will be released early,” Cotton told the crowd. “The bill’s advocates contend that we’re locking up too many offenders for too long for too little, we can’t afford it anyway, and we should show more empathy toward those caught up in the criminal-justice system.”

“These arguments, put simply, are baseless.” (RELATED: Civil Rights Commissioner — Cutting Sentences Increases Black-On-Black Crime)

The Arkansas senator would go on to state law enforcement officials can only “arrest or identify a likely perpetrator for only 19 percent of property crimes and 47 percent of violent crimes.”

Well Senator – the incentives are set up to make going after Prohibition crimes more profitable. Fifty years ago the clearance rate for murder was around 90%. These days it is around 65%? Why? Police priorities have changed.

So Tom – you might want to consider that the police are going after the wrong “criminals”. Assuming life and property protection are your goals.