Well, I enjoyed that first week off from politics so much I took another.

But on Tuesday the Ted Cruz sex scandal broke wide open, as 265,374 women in Wisconsin went into a booth, closed the curtain behind them, and did something a little dirty for Ted Cruz.

Shame on you, Senator.

Worst of all, Ted’s matchless hypermasculinity has driven Trump’s disapproval among women to seventy percent.

Why, why couldn’t Cruz use his incandescent sexual appeal for good, instead of evil?

And he still hasn’t quit the race.  The man is shameless.

Well, God will be his judge.

On the plus side, if his army of shrieking houris somehow drags him to victory, it’s pretty clear even Hillary Clinton will be helpless to resist the mega-gauss sexual magnetism of Rafael Edward Cruz. Forget mere Presidency, they may as well crown him king, since half the country must obey his whim slavishly in any case.

Frankly, who can blame them?

Sex God

UPDATE: Oh, and looks like Trump won’t get to 1237, probably needs 1200+ to win first round, has no chance in second round because nearly all his delegates are straining at the leash, Cruz probably wins, blah blah blah numbers another gratuitous link to 538 etc.

UPDATE: Trump also getting swept in Colorado, and rolled in North Dakota, and rolled again in Washington State, because he is just really not very good at the organizational aspect of this whole “running for President” thing he drunkenly stumbled into last summer.

Sigh. Maybe another couple weeks.