In the State of Basketball otherwise known as Indiana, Ted Cruz has made a huge mistake.

And Cruz’s second major botch, as piled on through the usual social media outlets, was his referring to the rim as a “basketball ring.” That’s just stupid, but I will give Cruz the benefit of the doubt of merely misspeaking. After all, a moment earlier, he said “basketball rim.” Now that deserves a piling on. Like Cruz’s face, calling it a “basketball rim” puts you in the Uncanny Valley of humanity. Ted, you’re in a gym, in the state of Indiana – do you really think without the modifier the crowd wouldn’t know what sport you were talking about?

If I was to guess, (what else have I got?) I’d say Ted was going to do poorly in Indiana.

Actually I do have something else. Polls. And they show that Trump is beating Cruz by about 6% of the total polled at the time of the polling. The poll that counts will be this coming Tuesday.