I have been talking about Donald Trump playing his woman card at Weapons Grade, and at Trump’s “Woman Card”. Well what do you know? Ted Cruz has just played his woman card. It smacks of desperation.

Ted Cruz made a sudden attempt to keep his presidential hopes alive by making Carly Fiorina his running mate – and she broke into song as she accepted the vice-presidential slot in what’s likely to be a campaign in its final gasps.

‘We’ve been traveling around the country and I’ve come to know Ted and Heidi and Caroline and Catherine!’ said Fiorina, before lapsing into a sing-song voice about the two young Cruz girls.

‘I know two girls that I just adore! I’m so happy I can see them more!’ the former tech CEO trilled.

‘Cause we travel on the bus all day. We get to play. We get to play!’

As a crowd in Indiana waited for another line of the made-up tune, Fiorina seemed to suddenly return to her senses.

Trump has already called her an “affirmative action hire” with his “woman’s card” dig at Hillary. Trump need say no more.

This is going to backfire on Ted. He will go into decline faster. We should know when we see the tracking polls in a week. But it will be hard to tell what is causing the effect. The blow out in the North East will be affecting the situation as well.