Kasich takes all of Ohio’s delegates, Trump takes Florida’s.

The delegate picture is a little fuzzy elsewhere.  Missouri is within one percent,  North Carolina splits fairly evenly as expected, in Illinois Trump can’t get to 40% but Kasich and Cruz split 50% of the vote between them.  Unfortunately, it looks like once again Trump will convert some narrow victories into large delegate hauls and split-field pluralities into big wins.  As 538 has shown, Cruz could have won a two-man race with Trump pretty handily, but didn’t get one soon enough.

Not much daylight left for Cruz, he has to get into a two-man race right now, and win it consistently enough from here on out to keep Trump under 1237.  If Kasich and Rubio stay in any longer, as it appears they will, this flaming dumpster is headed over the cliff.

Wonder who the Dems will put in charge of the Senate to go along with Speaker Pelosi? Probably ending the filibuster will be the first priority, but the Supreme Court will be the big loss.  Goodbye Heller, goodbye Citizens United, hello new executive powers for Bernillary!

UPDATE: Trump takes the bulk of Missouri and Illinois delegates.  Rubio’s suspending his campaign, but probably too late to save Cruz, especially since Kasich gives no sign he’s leaving the race.

Trump heads to the general with the highest negatives among independents and the lowest support from his own party of any candidate since McGovern, according to 538.  The Democrats have already started their Senate ads.