In actual, non-tabloid news, Cruz is leading Trump by one in Wisconsin:

BOSTON, MA – As establishment Republicans look for ways to slow Donald Trump’s relentless march toward the party’s presidential nomination, Wisconsin’s winner-take-all GOP primary contest on April 5 offers some intriguing possibilities. In a statewide Emerson College poll released today, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is not only leading Trump 36% to 35% in the upcoming primary, but Cruz is only trailing Hillary Clinton by one point in a hypothetical general election matchup, 46% to 45%. In contrast, Trump is trailing both Clinton and her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, by the same 9-point margin of 47% to 38% in a potential general election match-up.

Cruz also leads by 5 in a lightly regarded Free Beacon poll.  With late deciders typically breaking for Cruz, Wisconsin could be a good pickup.

It’s looking like by July, Donald’s dumpster fire campaign is going to be so radioactive in the general that the GOP may actually have the stones to excise this cancer from their party — behind the scenes, Trump is losing delegates to Cruz even in he states he won:

According to the Wall Street Journal (hidden behind a paywall) Ted Cruz now has at least ten more delegates from Louisiana than does Trump.

This is what happens when you are out-thought, out-organized, and out-hustled. But it isn’t just Louisiana:

In the state of Georgia, where Trump won decisively and was awarded 42 of the Peach State’s 76 delegates, has had a similar turn of events. One particular county, Coweta, heavily went Trump’s way by 12 percentage points, but Georgia Cruz campaign organizer Brant Frost told the WSJ that the senator’s supporters will compose 90 percent of Coweta’s delegates at state and district meetings. This group of delegates will be part of the larger pool of Georgia delegates that are chosen to go to Cleveland.
What is very clear is that if Donald Trump is not awarded the nomination on the first ballot, his bloc of delegates will melt away and his wins are not being capitalized upon because his campaign is essentially incompetent.

The ensuing Trumpertantrum will still hand the White House and Senate to Democrats, but they might hold on to the House.

Unfortunately for the GOP, Democrats are going to run the same ads linking swing-state Republicans to Trump’s toxic candidacy either way at this point, but kicking him out might at least persuade a few voters they have a modicum of principle remaining.