Not that Trump supporters will notice, but he may be charged not only with inciting a riot, but also for violating immigration laws in what appears to have been a brazen H1-B scam involving his Trump modeling agency.  And as objectionable as the protestors’ behavior has been, it’s deeply immoral for a Presidential candidate to repeatedly suggest attacking protestors, and then pick up the legal bills for an assault.

But don’t tell his supporters — they’re angry and they’re voting for Trump, and that’s that.

Trump appears to be have Florida won (as many voters have already cast ballots), but Kasich has led Ohio polling and Cruz has been surging in Illinois and Missouri. That leaves Rubio out of the race after tomorrow… and three possible scenarios.

Cruzin’ to the Nom: Ted takes Illinois and Missouri convincingly and scores a surprise victory in Ohio, erasing most of Trump’s delegate lead. Kasich drops out and the race is between Cruz and Trump the rest of the way — if Cruz can get to 55% or better, as his polling suggests, he enters the convention with the most delegates and momentum at his back, perhaps even getting to 1237 without help from the unbound delegates.  Bring on the Plains and West Coast states!

The Trumpening: Trump sweeps to victory in all four states, tripling his delegate lead, pushing past 50% and putting 1237 in his sights. Cruz has a very difficult path from here, but he can actually make up 300 delegates even after May 1st if he runs strong in a two man race — even in WTM states, getting past 55% wins around 90% of delegates, and there are a lot of WTA states here (although they are mostly CD/AL WTA, which is why winning by 10+ matters a lot).  Still, not much daylight left.

The Muddle Continues: This seems most likely, based on polling. Cruz wins, splits, or at least runs strong in Illinois and Missouri. Kasich takes Ohio, but does he drop out shortly after, and how does Cruz run with Kasich still around? Trump picks up the most delegates, but only gets around half, leaving Not Trump leading the delegate race.  And anything could happen from there, including Trump actually shooting people on 5th Avenue.