Fun fact: In the RCP averages, McCain was actually leading Obama by 1 at this point, and Romney was never more than 5 down in 2012.

Team Dumpster Fire is already trailing Mrs. Indictment by 10, and getting worse by the day.

But hey, Reagan was behind by a lot early too, right?  Right?

This Is Not 1980, And Donald Trump Is Not Ronald Reagan

Well, maybe he is.  I think we all remember when Reagan bragged about all the happily married women he’d slept with.

And remember when Reagan dodged the draft with fake heel spurs, called George H.W. Bush a fake war hero, and suggested he would order the military to commit war crimes such as targeting the families of terrorists?

And who can forget that timeless moment when Reagan talked for several minutes about how ugly Geraldine Ferraro’s face was and then called James Baker a “p****y”?

I think that was just before The Gipper announced he would be neutral on Israel, that “Islam hates us” and that our Mideast policy would be “take the oil.”

The parallels are amazing, even eerie.