Rush Limbaugh Says – Give Up The Culture War

Well Rush doesn’t exactly say that. What he says is Let’s face it, Trump’s abortion answer was “hugely damaging” to the cause of beating the Democrats. Yes it is Rush. And I have been saying it for years. “If the Republicans would give up the culture war and focus strictly on economics they would be […]

The Republican Machine Is Imploding

I have been visiting pro-Trump and pro-Cruz sites. And the cognitive dissonance is amazing. Both sides name the same group of on the air personalities as in the tank for “the other side”.

Victimhood Is Universal

I was visiting a right wing site and a comment from what seemed to be a woman claimed that women are the victims of abortion. Women either initiate or consent to having an abortion. How does one get to be a victim and an initiator at the same time? Well other than, “I’m a victim […]

Trump Calls Out Abortion Hypocrites

Donald Trump just called out abortion foes on their hypocrisy. He said if abortion is a crime, women should get punished. Eric noticed it as well. Trump is correct. According to all my anti-abortion friends “abortion is murder”. Premeditated at that. We can’t just let the initiator of the crime walk. Can we? The anti-abortion […]

For The Bankers To Get Rich

For the bankers to get rich America HAS to run a trade deficit. The bankers job is to recycle the money. For which they get a cut. They get a bigger cut if the trade involves illicit substances.

Gun Battles On The Border

Four Cartel Gun Battles in Four Days near Texas Border. Alex Jones? Yeah. So why am I linking to an Alex Jones site? Because of a comment Frank made to one of my posts. The first of the four recent gun battles began on Friday in the border city of Matamoros where Mexican soldiers killed […]


    Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Now you say it, now you don’t!

Donald Trump says whatever he wants, without regard to consequences. Generally, only artists are allowed such freedom of self expression. (They can erase things, try another color, or scrap it entirely.) Such style has enormous appeal, but traditionally in politics there are negative consequences. What remains to be seen is whether that is changing.    

I Listened To Trump Today

I got parts of his speech on a live feed. He was always mentioning the military in the part I watched. Not unusual for a politician. But what I found really interesting was the time he spent on bikers. He talked about all the guns they had and how he wanted to pose with them. […]

Watch For The Spin

At about 30 seconds into this video a BLM supporter at a Trump rally throws a punch and immediately gets pepper sprayed. The news will be, “Trump protester violently attacked”. Everybody has a video cam these days. Lying is harder. (About a minute and a half) I wonder if she will be filing assault charges? […]

Shakedown Socialism

Eric’s recent post ADA Nazis got me looking around. And what did I find? A book by Oleg Atbashian. Shakedown Socialism. I discussed a recent post at ‘American Thinker’ that was authored by Oleg: A Former Soviet Discusses Trump. A typical review of Shakedown Socialism. The stories are real: this man lived in the Soviet […]

Who Owns Politics?

About 14 1/2 minutes An interesting discussion (centered around Bernie Sanders) about who owns politicians. Also how money is raised in politics. Basically it is about who owns the government. Hint: it is not the people. There is also discussion of Donald Trump. My take is: Trump is panicking the people who own the government. […]

ADA Nazis

Here’s yet another typical example of why so many of the little people are so incredibly pissed off. One story among many, yet it’s so poignantly sad it nearly made me cry. As most readers know, the people behind this sort of thing carry such vendettas on and on, and on, with support from big business and both […]


I came across this interesting discussion of a psychological technique. == GP: Wait. What’s an anchor? OPERATIVE: Damnit. Maybe I should have given more background. Can I just send you this background, technical stuff? GP: Why don’t you, is there a lot of it? I mean, is this real technical or what? OPERATIVE: Not to […]

A Former Soviet Discusses Trump

Oleg Atbashian says Some of my best friends are Trump supporters. He describes the downfall of the Soviet Union this way: Consider this story: there lived an apathetic silent majority, maligned and shamed by its leaders and the official media, and they thought it would never end. But one day a miracle happened: they suddenly […]

Hawaii May Decriminalize All Drugs

From Investment Watch. Following Portugal’s model, Hawai`i could become the first state in the U.S. to decriminalize all drugs — including cocaine and even heroin. The war is slowly winding down. The war on drugs most problematic effects are in its pursuit of dealers and traffickers. This is what has made the business lucrative and […]

The End Of Oil Power?

The headline: Saudi Arabia to move from oil, earn more from Hajj. At $35 dollars a barrel and 10 million barrels a day the Saudis earn about $127 billion a year from oil. Of course that is gross. Net will be less. As part of a diversification strategy, Saudi Arabia is to broaden pilgrimage services […]

Guilt By Association

Ted Cruz is being unfairly smeared with a guilt by association charge. Gay publication The Advocate in November of 2015 said: Pastor Kevin Swanson is taking a victory lap after his headline-making National Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa earlier this month. After hosting Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal (who since […]

A Not So Veiled Threat?

Some one erected a Donald Trump tombstone in Central Park. Update: 28 March 2016 0952z The Daily Mail – UK thinks it is a photoshop hoax. A subheadline reads: But it is unclear if the grave is a fake and park officals told MailOnline that it was photoshopped I was wondering about the logistics of […]

American Fascism Is Alive

(about 7 minutes)     What Bill leaves out is that we have what is basically a one party state with two factions. What I call The UniParty. When donors give to both parties to guarantee results the parties – on those issues – are indistinguishable. The question to ask is this, “Why does Donald […]