Fortunately it is some European women making this point. It is ironic though. Maybe fish do need bicycles.

The left has been working on feminizing men for a very long time. The epitome of that is our current president. OH?Bummer! The video is a fine example of how fast all the gains of the leftists can be reversed under stress.

You will note of course that the loss is not total. It is early days yet.

So why were the women who were attacked without personal protectors? When the ladies start asking that question the culture will change.

You can read more at The War Brides of Europe. The wild and crazy comment section is worth a scan.

I do not think that anything will save the country: unless through war and revolution, when those who wish to survive will have to think and act for themselves according to their desperate needs, and not by some rotten yardstick of convention. – Aleister Crowley