So, apparently people are noticing the GOP might actually be nominating a crude, shameless con man as their candidate for the Presidency of the United States, and they’re proposing some ways to stop it, such as denying Donald an outright majority by keeping candidates in the race who know they can’t win.

The post by Allahpundit (could you throw us one measly photoshop a year? come on man) didn’t garner a lot of attention, but if Cruz and Rubio deny Donald a majority, the answer to this question would matter a lot

And the big problem: Even if it worked, what would it achieve?

Well, then it may get very interesting.

The rules for delegate voting are somewhat arcane, but it certainly appears if Donald doesn’t win the first round of voting he won’t be the nominee.

As best I can tell, Donald doesn’t get to pick his delegates.  The delegates are typically chosen by the party, and tend to be party activists — they will be able to read the writing on the wall.  It’s looking like Trump will win despite the fact he would lose head to head with all the other candidates, and appears headed for sure obliteration in the general because he’s already radioactive outside the GOP.

In fact, I would not even be shocked if there were enough faithless delegates in the first round to deny Trump a win even if he come in with 55-60% of delegates, especially if he’s polling 20+ points behind Clinton or Sanders by the convention, which is quite possible.  And the endorsements gap is already huge, too big even for Chris Christie to fill (sorry).  And if he didn’t win more than 50% of the vote in a lot of the states where he took 100% of the electors, there might be arguments made about his legitimacy.

And, of course, his sanity.

Of course, it’s more likely the GOP will simply drive off the cliff with Donald.  It’s a foregone conclusion he will lose them the Senate, the White House, and the Supreme Court, but it will be fun finding out if he can lose the House of Representatives for them as well.

Burn it all down, Donald.   Let’s all graduate from Trump University this fall.