How sweet it is.  Well done, Iowans.   Well done.

So, it turns out electrolytes aren’t a substitute for a ground game.  Or a sane candidate.

Cruz won narrowly,  but his victory is nonetheless quite impressive: he beat Trump, a surging Rubio, the GOP establishment, the ethanol subsidy lobby, Trump, the governor, the rest of the deep GOP field, birther attacks, and Donald Trump.

Cruz also outperformed the polls by about seven points, which is about what many of us had expected.

And did I mention he beat Trump?

Apparently voters noticed that “take Iraq’s oil” and “ban all Muslims from entering the United States” are as far from serious (or even sane) policy ideas as Iowa is from New York.

Right now, if we (risibly) extend Iowa’s results through the primaries, we could be looking at a brokered convention pick, where we might see a deal that makes Rubio the Presidential candidate and Cruz the Vice Presidential pick, or vice versa.  At this point there is no good libertarian candidate anywhere in this race (beyond Rand Paul’s single-delegate haul last night), but however the race shakes out from here, Rubio or Cruz would both be infinitely preferable to the other three major candidates, who all offer a real chance to destroy the Republic and all its hard-won liberties through rampant corruption, socialism, or populism.