“Heroin Just Killed My Baby”

So says a grieving mother.

Heroin addiction has ruined our family. The day my 15-year-old son, Brendan, took his first hit, he changed my life. Yes, not just his, but mine too. And not just mine, everyone who loved him.

My daughter, Haley, found him unresponsive. She is 12 and has never gone back downstairs to her bedroom. She probably never will. She sleeps on the floor next to me. Most nights she wakes me, her long blonde hair drenched with sweat from nightmares.

My husband, Scott, is a retired police officer. He’s seen grief before; I can’t hide it from him. Nowadays, he spends most of his time guiding me through this emotional minefield littered with sixteen years of breathtaking memories.

And — despite my belief that drug prohibition is immoral — I am sympathetic to her loss.

Just as I would be sympathetic to any of the following statements:

“Alcohol Just Killed My Baby”?

Or “A Gun Just Killed My Baby”?

Or even “A Car Just Killed My Baby”?

Is there something uniquely terrible about heroin?

Back in the old days when I was much younger, people said things like “AIDS Just Killed My Baby.”

What I don’t think we’ll hear is a mother saying “Abortion Just Killed My Baby.” The reason is that not only are fetuses not considered babies (even though teenagers are), but mothers who have abortions are not allowed to complain.

Politics is endlessly confusing.