Babies die. Especially adult babies.

“Heroin Just Killed My Baby” So says a grieving mother. Heroin addiction has ruined our family. The day my 15-year-old son, Brendan, took his first hit, he changed my life. Yes, not just his, but mine too. And not just mine, everyone who loved him. My daughter, Haley, found him unresponsive. She is 12 and […]

Can Trump Close the Deal In November?

Let us assume (not a foregone conclusion) that Trump gets the Republican nomination. Can he get a win in November? Scott Adams – Dilbert – thinks so. As of this writing, 60% of the voting public views Donald Trump unfavorably. In the 2D world, you assume he is doomed in the general election. But let’s […]

David Duke Supports Trump?

The video is about 35 seconds.   From the New York Daily News. Donald Trump’s been knighted by racist David Duke. The former grand wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan told his bigoted followers that not voting for Trump would be “treason to your heritage” and implored them to volunteer for the […]

Respect versus contempt. Which will win?

At the risk of sounding like an anarchist, it has long struck me that respect for authority and contempt for authority are a hair apart. This is especially true in the election season, as these things depend entirely on whose “side” (a term I use reluctantly) one is on. The funny thing is that when […]

Trumps of Doom

So, apparently people are noticing the GOP might actually be nominating a crude, shameless con man as their candidate for the Presidency of the United States, and they’re proposing some ways to stop it, such as denying Donald an outright majority by keeping candidates in the race who know they can’t win. The post by […]

The ongoing criminalization of almost everything

There’s been a recent attempt to rebadge the ongoing war against encryption as a war on terrorism, but few people realize that there’s a backlog of cases in which prosecutors are drooling over access to encrypted iPhones. [Manhattan district attorney Cyrus ] Vance told Rose he had 175 iPhones waiting for the outcome of this case. […]

A Certified Clown

Some one asked if I would vote for Trump, and why? Here is my answer (revised and extended). I HATE Hillary Clinton with a Purple Passion. I voted Libertarian last time. And a few times before (Ron Paul ’88, Harry Browne ’00). This time I want to vote AGAINST a candidate. I mean can you […]

The Economic Cycle

We are in a classic end of a Kondratieff cycle. The incumbents try to protect themselves because the upstarts are hurting the incumbents but are not yet strong enough to overthrow them. Just one data point. Cannabis cures cancer. That is worth $100 bn to the Medical industrial complex in the US. World wide maybe […]

Attack On A SWAT Team

This is fanciful. I wonder if it can be translated to reality? Attack On A SWAT Team I also liked –> Trends in domestic intelligence I saw the links on a report on the government’s desire for a backdoor for all encrypted communications. That backdoor would be easy to get around. There is lots of […]

Azaz Corridor

There have been some developments in Syria. The overall strategic situation is this. The Kurds have taken the territory between Azaz and Kobane called the Azaz Corridor. This is Turkey’s supply route to their proxies in Syria. First some history. And a map. Larger map image. From January 15th, 2016: Arab Weekly — Syria: The […]

Goddess Power

You can find out more about the performers at An average girl named Jane finds herself sharing an apartment with four deities and prophets. On offer at the site is Aphrodite’s Bra for $1,500. No mention of cup size. I probably should add that I am personally acquainted with one of the performers/writers. Just think […]

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Has Died


Hillary’s PR Firm – The MSM

It looks like Hillary is having a media problem. Earlier this week, we learned from Gawker that at least one U.S. reporter traded content in his article for information from Hillary Clinton’s staff while she was Secretary of State. In what is an almost hard to believe exchange, Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic, agreed to […]

The Death Of Europe?

The woman in the video describes what the Muslims have done to her town, Calais. She talks about how the residents are not allowed to defend themselves. Home invasions. And more. The comments to the video are very interesting. It fits in with the video I posted yesterday. Who Will Protect The Women In A […]

Who Will Protect The Women In A Feminized Europe?

Fortunately it is some European women making this point. It is ironic though. Maybe fish do need bicycles. The left has been working on feminizing men for a very long time. The epitome of that is our current president. OH?Bummer! The video is a fine example of how fast all the gains of the leftists […]

Clinton To Get Penis Transplant If Elected

Did she really say that? Well no. This is what she said: Well, look, I’ve got to just jump in here because, honestly, Sen. Sanders is the only person who I think would characterize me, a woman running to be the first woman president, as exemplifying the establishment. And I’ve got to tell you that […]

Where the boys are!

According to Gloria Steinem, the boys are with Bernie Sanders. Which, in the mind of this elderly feminist scold, means that girls who claim to be supporting Bernie Sanders are actually only after the boys. Feminist icon Gloria Steinem has drawn the wrath of the Twitterverse for suggesting that young women supporting Bernie Sanders’ presidential […]

Corn Syrup

How sweet it is.  Well done, Iowans.   Well done. So, it turns out electrolytes aren’t a substitute for a ground game.  Or a sane candidate. Cruz won narrowly,  but his victory is nonetheless quite impressive: he beat Trump, a surging Rubio, the GOP establishment, the ethanol subsidy lobby, Trump, the governor, the rest of the deep […]

Out Of Your Mind

The Bernie Sanders campaign wants his voters to be out of their minds.

This election sucks

I’ve been trying to watch tonight’s Iowa election results by switching back and forth from Fox to CNN, and I cannot help notice that CNN is broadcasting Hillary’s speech while Fox is broadcasting Cruz’s. (Hillary has the good sense to have Bill standing behind her, while Cruz has the bad sense to have his loony tune […]